ICO purchases are now available in our online store! Check it out!

Earn free CMC Tokens with our referral program and valuation thoughts

ICO purchases are now available in our online store!

Update 7/27/17

Later today I will be coding the members area and adding a custom coded referral program that will allow me to send some CMC tokens to our top referrers for each day, as well as a random referrer.

What is ONE CMC token worth?  Technically right now they are only worth a dollar or two since we do not yet have our mining operations funded.  However, as the investment phases continue, those tokens will increase in value.


Let's use the end of Phase 4 for an example.  Our total mining investment at that point will be approximately 72BTC.  Our incomes from 72 BTC will be approximately $840/day and only 40,000 tokens sold.  That means each spent (activated) token will be earning $0.02 per day ($7.65/year).  

Now let's use phase 9... 2,550 BTC invested into mining.  Incomes will be approx $28,000 daily with only 90,000 tokens sold.  That is $0.33/day ($120/year).  

So as you can see, early adopters benefit more.  If you spent $2.00/token now do you think you could sell those tokens for over $2.00 when the earnings payout is $0.33/day.  I think YES.

Also, there will be many other income streams that add value to the coin beyond the basic mining operations!  

The opportunity is real, please get involved!  We have some investors considering sizeable investment and if you wish to buy up the "discounted" tokens on the DEX (waves lite client) you will need to do so before the big-boys start buying them up.

When the referral program is ready, I will post a new blog post about it.

Have a great and blessed day!